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45min Fat Burning Workout Vhs

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Lose fat... Increase energy... Feel better about yourself than you ever thought possible... All in less than an hour every other day. Reshape your body in record time with Fitness Made Simple's 45Min Fat Burning Workout. Workout at home with Fitness Celebrity John Basedow doing specifically targeted exercises to sculpt your chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and abs. Taped on location in a picturesque botanical garden, the 45Min Fat Burning Workout overcomes limitations of purely aerobic videos by actually helping men and women change their body composition... shifting it more in favor of lean mass or muscle while decreasing body fat percentage. There are no tricky dance moves, no high impact gyrations; instead, this video combines light weight training exercises at a heart pumping cardio pace to shape us up by increasing muscle and burning pounds of fat. Product includes: 45Min Fat Burning Workout VHS format.

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