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Standing Legs Dvd

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are upper body muscles you can see. The Upper Body routine will give you a chest, back, shoulders and arms that make a dramatic impression in a sleeveless dress or swimsuit. The Firm: Standing Legs is also part of the Firm Parts series. This workout with Salina Bartunek shapes and strengthens legs and hips. If you want slender, toned legs, resistance training is the only thing that works. Only weights build strong, youthful muscle which gives the leg its beautiful shape. Most legs are weak (under-muscled) with thighs that are bulky (covered with fat). As you age, under-muscled legs are often the first key body part to go. Add the Standing Legs workout to your exercise program and get ready to show off your legs! Product includes: The Firm: Upper Body and The Firm: Standing Legs.

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