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Stop Pain Now! System

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Stop Pain Now! System Details

STOP PAIN NOW! is a system of pain control and often pain relief based on combining knowledge from modern neurosciences with the ancient science of accupuncture therapy.

It was developed by doctors and is based on years of clinical experience. It employs the simple procedure of tapping points on your face with your finger in combination with another pain-related stimulus. The results are rapid, almost immediate, and although the techniques may need to be repeated, they are usually long-lasting.Included are four techniques, all using ACCUPRESSURE TAPPING POINTS: IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF, TOUCH AND TAP, LQM AND EMOTIONAL STRESS REDUCTION TECHNIQUE. The STOP PAIN NOW! program summarizes each of the techniques in an easy-to-learn teaching method. Also included are the charts for the locations of the ACCUPRESSURE TAPPING POINTS and PAIN LOCATOR CHARTS for identifying which points to tap to relieve your pain in various body areas.

Product includes: The revolutionary Stop Pain Now Book, DVD Video Tutorial, 2 Hour Audio CD, 2-Hour Audio Cassette, Stop Pain Now CD Rom for PC and Pocket Reference Guide for on-the-go.

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