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Quick Shine

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Monica -
Quick Shine by Holloway House for Wood Floors Review: When I saw this product on the Target Store shelf, it seemed like a dream come true for it promised everything that I was looking for in a wood floor cleaning product. This product has ruined my floors! It shines some areas and discolors others and takes the finish off. I know that I applied it right because according to the instructions you just squirt and wipe! Where ever I squirted on the floor, that's where the streaks of discoloration are. It also left a haze...actually I THOUGHT it was a haze the kind that you get with another TERRIBLE product called Orange Glo. The haze in this case turned out to be more discoloration but it was from being spread. NICE. I should NEVER have deviated from the trustworthy Murphy's Oil Soap. What was I thinking!!! I just wanted an extra shine. Murphy's works great if you use it half strength. MOP and GLO for hardwoods has never let me down except its hard to find. Needless to say, I have to REPLACE a 30 x 30 area of hardwood. I don't see anything BAD about this product posted on the internet and thought for sure it would be safe. It is the WORST. Even WORSE than Orange Glo. I eventually washed off the hazey residue left from Orange Glo...but THIS...THIS stupid Quick Shine product is destructive. I assure you HOlloway House will be getting a letter and I WILL hold them to their guarrantee on the back of the bottle. My hardwood floor is sealed and barely 3 years old. Ridiculous that it's ruined.

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Quick Shine by Holloway House for Wood Floors

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