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Sonoma Express Cooker

AsOn.TV Direct Pricing: $59.97
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Kathleen -
Sonoma Express Review: I ordered this from the TV add they charged me for 2 when I only ordered one It took almost 3 weeks to recieve it I notified them right after I saw they charged me for 2 and told them I was sending them both back after they would not believe me on my 1 order. I also told them they did not have permission to take out of my account anymore. I immediately sent them back and was told they recieved it 2 weeks later but still charged me again a fee of $59.95 I have called numerous times long distance talking to everyone and get blowed off each time and lied too. They owe me $102. and I will fight them. I am contacting the attorney general and better business bureau to get action. This is a scam and would not recommend anyone to order this product! !

Sonoma Express Cooker Details

Now there's a quicker, easier and healthier way to cook thanks to the incredible Sonoma Express Cooker. For just 3 easy monthly payments of only $19.99 plus $12.99 processing and handling you'll get everything you need to cook professional style meats infused with aromatic flavors. Try it risk free and if you don't agree the Sonoma Express brings authentic sweet outdoor flavoring inside, simply return it for a full refund of the purchase no questions asked. At this price the Sonoma express system makes a great gift.

Product includes: Sonoma Express Cooker, the Non Stick Cooking Ring, the Grill Rack, the Flavor Infuser, the Precision Fit Tempered Glass Lid, Ken Arnone's Fast and Easy Recipe Guide, 2 different aromatic cooking woods along with your 3 FREE Bonuses: The Rib Crib, the 50 Bamboo Kabob Spears and the Vertical Poultry Pole.

Sonoma Express

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