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Zone Pilates - Vhs

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Zone Pilates divides your body into 3 target areas, called zones. Just work a zone for minutes a day and you'll see fantastic results. And best of all, it doesn't take hundreds of repetitions. The secret is the Zone Pilates Sculptor that guides your body and adds muscle-toning resistance to accelerate your results. The Sculptor also provides consistent resistance training, and engages multiple muscles at once - improving the efficiency of your workout. Zone Pilates comes with a unique Foot GuideMat, that ensures your body will always be in perfect Pilates positioning. Combined with the Zone Pilates Sculptor, the GuideMat takes the mystery out of being in the correct position. Working from the deepest level of the core, or Power House, muscles (the abs, thighs, lower back, and buns) will give you the kind of results that have made Pilates so popular. With Zone Pilates, you can target those core muscles, and get more effective results than ever before. Product includes: Zone Pilates Sculptor, GuideMat, "Sexy Legs, Buns, & Thighs" Video FREE.

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